Use code "Spring15" to save an extra 15% on your order
Use code "Spring15" to save an extra 15% on your order
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About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal at Everlasting is make the beauty of flowers last forever. Our silk flowers will radiate its beauty for years, unlike regular flowers that don't last a week. 


At Everlasting, we understand that everybody loves flowers, each flower and color has its own meaning and purpose. However one flaw that fresh flowers have is they wither away too soon. Not everyone is a florist who understands every flower and their needs. This is why we created Everlasting. Everlasting captures the beauty, color, and emotions of all designs. Each concept is derived from anything and everything. The world we live in has so many unique seasons, cultures, colors and so much more. Everlasting designs ensures to keep its beautiful whimsical shapes, color, and design for many years with minimum maintenance required. 

In the beginning Everlasting concepts was a hobby of ours to capture an eternal beauty of flowers and decor. Now we love to share our beautiful arrangements with everyone because everyone deserves to enjoy an Everlasting memory.


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